A bold new world: rethinking finance | MQ Incubator

Proxima Capital’s prodigious success goes far beyond simply being in the right place at the right time. The confluence of the extraordinary vision and deep experience of its co-founders, Bernard Orenstein and Oliver Chalk, has placed the startup on the frontlines in building the new financial system.

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The next wave of telehealth innovation | The Health Advocate

Telehealth has truly come to the fore amidst COVID-19, and what has accelerated is a new horizon of telemedical support in specialities. But My Emergency Doctor(MED) has long been at the forefront of emergency telemedicine – they’ve been addressing pervasive emergency department challenges through innovations in telehealth since 2016.

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Going low waste this Easter? Hop to it with our top tips | SUEZ.com.au news blog

Easter is synonymous with delicious chocolate treats and sharing meals, love and laughter with family and friends. But celebrations and gift-giving are often accompanied by a whole lot of waste – from packaging, cards and gift wrapping to leftover or unused food. Try these top tips this year for a more sustainable Easter.

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Innovation deep dive | MQ Incubator

For the Australian Defence Force, timely access to accurate information can quite literally mean the difference between life and death. Invicta Prospects is tackling the problem head-on with its innovative software platform, saving countless lives and millions of dollars in the process.

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Paying the gift of opportunity forward | UOW Philanthropy News

Doris Matlok was among the first cohort to graduate from UOW’s Bachelor of Laws program, established thirty years ago. Now, in the midst of a stellar international career, she’s committed to helping students who share a similar background to her: a passion for studying law, but held back by financial disadvantage.

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The business of ending modern slavery | MQ Incubator

Globally, modern slavery impacts nearly  46 million people, and in Australia, conservative estimates suggest 15,000 people are living and working in slave-like conditions. Unchained helps Australian companies to not just comply with the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018, but to go further, making a genuine impact on stopping modern slavery around the world.

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Helping children thrive | UTS Research and Innovation case study

Every child deserves an equal chance to thrive; but in a resource-limited world, how do we determine the intervention strategies that will deliver universal and lasting benefit? Biostatistician Distinguished Professor Louise Ryan believes data science can play a critical role in the complex search for answers.

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SUEZ Customer Case Studies

A selection of customer case studies developed for SUEZ Australia, in both editorial and problem-solution formats.

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