Burning for a better future | UOW OUTLOOK MAGAZINE (2019-20)

In our rapidly changing climate, last summer’s fires are unlikely to be a one-off event. The future health of people and the environment hinges on better understanding and managing the risks. That’s where the incredible minds behind the NSW Bushfire Risk Management Research Hub come in.

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Paying the gift of opportunity forward | UOW Philanthropy News

Doris Matlok was among the first cohort to graduate from UOW’s Bachelor of Laws program, established thirty years ago. Now, in the midst of a stellar international career, she’s committed to helping students who share a similar background to her: a passion for studying law, but held back by financial disadvantage.

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Using the brain on the bench | UOW Outlook Magazine (2017)

Think a 3D-printed model of your brain, complete with neurons derived from your individual stem cells and arranged in complex neural pathways, is the stuff of science fiction? Not according to electromaterials pioneer and NSW Scientist of the Year Professor Gordon Wallace, whose groundbreaking ‘Brain on the Bench’ technology is poised to revolutionise understanding and intervention in neurological diseases.

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Shifting Perspectives | UOW Outlook Magazine (2016-17)

As the world continues to open up and boundaries become more fluid, the notion of identity becomes ever more complex. Chinese-Australian artist Dr Dongwang Fan’s art is a stunning exploration of the shifting sands of human cultural diversity and perspective.

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James Goudkamp

PROFILE: Dr James Goudkamp

For many, achieving success in the world of academia can take years; even a lifetime. Not so for University of Wollongong (UOW) alumnus Dr James Goudkamp, who – little more than a decade after graduating from his bachelor’s degree – has risen to the rank of Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the prestigious University of Oxford.

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