Hungry for a share in a booming startup? Bundlfresh delivers | MQ Incubator news

Quality local produce and artisan products have never been in higher demand, but in a world where online shopping and delivery are king, small independent businesses often struggle to compete with supermarket chains. In Sydney’s Northern Beaches, innovative startup Bundlfresh is changing the game – and right now, its founders are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyday people to take a stake in its prodigious growth.

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Burning for a better future | UOW OUTLOOK MAGAZINE

In our rapidly changing climate, last summer’s fires are unlikely to be a one-off event. The future health of people and the environment hinges on better understanding and managing the risks. That’s where the incredible minds behind the NSW Bushfire Risk Management Research Hub come in.

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A bold new world: rethinking finance | MQ Incubator

Proxima Capital’s prodigious success goes far beyond simply being in the right place at the right time. The confluence of the extraordinary vision and deep experience of its co-founders, Bernard Orenstein and Oliver Chalk, has placed the startup on the frontlines in building the new financial system.

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Fashion forward | UOW OUTLOOK MAGAZINE

You may know Donny Galella as a stylist to the stars, dressing everyone from style icon Sophia Loren to Kelly Rowland, Randy Jackson, Jane Krakowski, Dannii Minogue and countless more. But it’s when Galella talks about helping everyday Aussies to shine that he really lights up.

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Innovation deep dive | MQ Incubator

For the Australian Defence Force, timely access to accurate information can quite literally mean the difference between life and death. Invicta Prospects is tackling the problem head-on with its innovative software platform, saving countless lives and millions of dollars in the process.

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In recent years, the cry to get more women into STEM careers – and support them to flourish – has amplified. Meet some of UOW’s rising stars of STEM, paving the way for the next generation to confidently chase their dreams.

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Paying the gift of opportunity forward | UOW Philanthropy News

Doris Matlok was among the first cohort to graduate from UOW’s Bachelor of Laws program, established thirty years ago. Now, in the midst of a stellar international career, she’s committed to helping students who share a similar background to her: a passion for studying law, but held back by financial disadvantage.

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The business of ending modern slavery | MQ Incubator

Globally, modern slavery impacts nearly  46 million people, and in Australia, conservative estimates suggest 15,000 people are living and working in slave-like conditions. Unchained helps Australian companies to not just comply with the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018, but to go further, making a genuine impact on stopping modern slavery around the world.

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Using the brain on the bench | UOW Outlook Magazine

Think a 3D-printed model of your brain, complete with neurons derived from your individual stem cells and arranged in complex neural pathways, is the stuff of science fiction? Not according to electromaterials pioneer and NSW Scientist of the Year Professor Gordon Wallace, whose groundbreaking ‘Brain on the Bench’ technology is poised to revolutionise understanding and intervention in neurological diseases.

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Shifting Perspectives | UOW Outlook Magazine

As the world continues to open up and boundaries become more fluid, the notion of identity becomes ever more complex. Chinese-Australian artist Dr Dongwang Fan’s art is a stunning exploration of the shifting sands of human cultural diversity and perspective.

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