Going low waste this Easter? Hop to it with our top tips | SUEZ.com.au news blog

Easter is synonymous with delicious chocolate treats and sharing meals, love and laughter with family and friends. But celebrations and gift-giving are often accompanied by a whole lot of waste – from packaging, cards and gift wrapping to leftover or unused food. Try these top tips this year for a more sustainable Easter.

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Resilience Under Fire | UOW OUTLOOK MAGAZINE (2019-20)

As experts warn of more frequent and devastating bushfires to come, building greater community resilience to bushfires – through more effective preparation, recovery and rebuild – is vital. Senior Professor Paul Cooper is leading a multidisciplinary team of top UOW researchers on a unique project to holistically explore these issues and map a path forward.

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Using the brain on the bench | UOW Outlook Magazine (2017)

Think a 3D-printed model of your brain, complete with neurons derived from your individual stem cells and arranged in complex neural pathways, is the stuff of science fiction? Not according to electromaterials pioneer and NSW Scientist of the Year Professor Gordon Wallace, whose groundbreaking ‘Brain on the Bench’ technology is poised to revolutionise understanding and intervention in neurological diseases.

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The future is deep green | Tower Magazine (ISSUE 18)

For many, the word algae conjures up images of green slime taking over their fish tank or backyard water feature. But relatively few are aware that this prolific microorganism offers a compelling solution to our planet’s resource exhaustion challenges.

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Helping children thrive | UTS Research and Innovation case study

Every child deserves an equal chance to thrive; but in a resource-limited world, how do we determine the intervention strategies that will deliver universal and lasting benefit? Biostatistician Distinguished Professor Louise Ryan believes data science can play a critical role in the complex search for answers.

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SUEZ Customer Case Studies

A selection of customer case studies developed for SUEZ Australia, in both editorial and problem-solution formats.

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The art of influence | UOW Outlook (2016-17)

In a global market where consumers are exposed to as many as 5,000 advertising messages and countless social media posts daily, what helps a brand achieve cut-through and gives it credibility, longevity and influence?

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Shifting Perspectives | UOW Outlook Magazine (2016-17)

As the world continues to open up and boundaries become more fluid, the notion of identity becomes ever more complex. Chinese-Australian artist Dr Dongwang Fan’s art is a stunning exploration of the shifting sands of human cultural diversity and perspective.

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James Goudkamp

PROFILE: Dr James Goudkamp

For many, achieving success in the world of academia can take years; even a lifetime. Not so for University of Wollongong (UOW) alumnus Dr James Goudkamp, who – little more than a decade after graduating from his bachelor’s degree – has risen to the rank of Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the prestigious University of Oxford.

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